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This page is to give you a little more information and a better understanding of the cookies this site uses, what data they collect and how they are used to improve your user experience.

The cookies used on this site

Essential Functionality Henry Moyo PHPSESSID This cookie is essential to the functionality of the site.
Essential Functionality Henry Moyo _hmcp_ Used to remember your cookie preference level as set by the cookie management tool.
Analytics Google __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Used internally to anonymously collect information on how you interact with the site including pages viewed and number of page views so we can better optimise your user experience.
Social Media AddThis __atuvc, di, psc, uid, uit, uvc Allows you to share pages with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

How to manage your cookie settings

To make it easier for you to control what cookies this site uses, I have developed an online tool which you can use to manage the different types of cookies set. This tool uses cookies to honour your preferences and remember your individual cookie settings. Provided you do not delete the cookies used to store these preferences, you will not have to reset them on your next visit. If these preferences are deleted, the website will return to the default setting allowing all site cookies and you will need to revisit this page to set up your individual cookie preferences again.

To use this tool to manage your individual cookie settings, your web browser will need to support and have JavaScript enabled. If your web browser does not support JavaScript, you’ll need to manage your cookies using the web browser settings. Please visit your web browser vendor for instructions on how to do this.

This tool will only be able to manage the read and write access of cookies set after it’s availability. To manage cookies previously set on your device prior to the availability of this online tool, please use the web browser settings.

Further reading

For more information about cookies please visit:
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